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Trees, Beans and Chocolate

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Did you know that..... 

1. A high producing, well looked after clonal cocoa tree will produce around 2 kg dry cocoa beans annually for at least 10-15 years

2. The trees will start to produce after 18 months and, when in full productionone of these clonal cocoa trees will produce enough cocoa in one year to make: 

  • 2.3 kg of 70% Dark Chocolate OR
  • 3 kg of milk chocolate with enough powder left over to make 10 chocolate cakes (depending on how rich you like your cake)

3. To make the same amount of cocoa from a current typical cocoa farm would require the harvest from at least 3-4 trees

4. The average American consumes around 5.5kg of chocolate per year, Australia= 5.9kg per year, UK =9.5kg, Switzerland =11.9kg.

5. A person consuming 5.5kg of chocolate per year would need to plant 2 cocoa trees each year to cover their consumption. 


When you eat chocolate, give a thought to the farmer who works so hard to grow the cocoa. You can help these farmers through a variety of Cocoa Care programs. 


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