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One Year Old Cocoa Trees

Posted on March 21, 2015 by Cocoa Care | 0 comments

When the Micronising Company decided to give cocoa trees for Christmas 2013 it was a decision to give hope and change the lives of struggling Indonesian cocoa farmers.

Those 600 seedlings are now one year old and well on the way to producing cocoa beans for the factories that Micronising Company support and to increasing the family incomes for cocoa farmers Tenri, Alimuddin, M Edi, and Muin and their families.

Farmer Tenri Farmer Muin
Farmer Tenri (left) and Farmer Muin (right) with one of their 1 year old cocoa trees.

Farmer Alimuddin
Farmer Alimuddin with one of his 1 year old trees.


Thank you Micronising Company for deciding to help Indonesian cocoa farmers with this special Christmas gift, that will keep on giving hope and prosperity to these cocoa farming families for many years to come. 




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