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Farmers Recieve Their Tools

Posted on April 30, 2015 by Cocoa Care

Following their good agricultural practices training Farmers Hafid, Okkeng, Aslam, Bahrauddin, Firman, Fausan and Mustari were all given their tool packs as a part of the Lautan Luas program. 

Like most cocoa farmers, these farmers did not have the tools required to perform basic good agricultural practices (GAP) of pruning, fertilising, sanitation and harvesting however tried, where possible, to borrow basic tools from friends and neighbours.

Thanks to your sponsorship, these farmers now have their own tools, pest management spraying equipment, personal protective gear to keep safe and other equipment required to empower them to routinely apply GAP to increase his farm productivity and long term sustainability.   

These farmers were out in their farms using their new tools before the end of the day, clearly excited about now being able to implement their learnings with the right tools!

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