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Main Crop Is Starting

Posted on May 14, 2014 by Cocoa Care | 0 comments

The hard work Farmer Darwis has put in over the past 16 months is certainly paying off. While the main crop for 2014 is only just starting his pods look fantastic.

Women play a critical role on cocoa farms particularly at harvest time when they spend their days harvesting the pods and removing the beans. All in addition to caring for their families and managing the family home. Busy days ahead for Darwis' wife Wahidah however her job is made significantly easier thanks to the womens harvest pack sponsored by KokoSmart. 

Darwis' wife pictured above harvesting Cocoa Pods while their young son looks on and learns about his future role as a cocoa farmer. 





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Darwis and Aris

Posted on April 01, 2014 by Cocoa Care | 0 comments

Aris and Dawis are two very different cocoa farmers these days compared to when we met them in January 2013. 

These two happy, confident and successful cocoa farmers have becoming Cocoa Carer's as a part of another program sponsorship and have stepped into their roles in spectacular fashion. In addition to managing their own successful cocoa farms, thanks to KokoSmart's program, they are also able to add to their family income by reciving payment from Cocoa Care for assistance with in-farm activities. 

This photo below was taken on March 26 while they were together making schedule farm visits and seeing if farmers needed any help or advise. 

We are very proud of how Aris and Darwis have grown and thank you again for your ongoing support and development of Darwis and Aris.

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Agusman's New Trees

Posted on February 21, 2014 by Cocoa Care | 0 comments

In late May 2013, Farmer Agusman was given 200 superior quality, top grafted cocoa tree seedlings as a part of your sponsorship program. During a routine visit by Cocoa Carer Darwis we were very pleased to see how well these new trees are growing. 

The trees now have a strong root system, look extremely healthy and should be flowering then subsequently fruiting within the coming months. 

Agusman's side grafted trees have just started to be productive and will be producing in time for the upcoming main crop in June / July 2014. 


Cocoa Carer Darwis is currently working with Agusman and providing assistance to weed his farm however the overall appearance is excellent. 



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Darwis' Farm Update

Posted on February 13, 2014 by Cocoa Care | 0 comments

On February 6, 2014 the Cocoa Care field team visited Cocoa Carer Darwis' farm to see how it is progressing after 1 year in the Cocoa Care programs. 

Darwis' farm has been kept in superb condition, well maintained and pruned which the trees are responding to by producing thousands of flowers and healthy looking cocoa pods. 


Great work Darwis!



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Year Two For Taidi

Posted on February 13, 2014 by Cocoa Care | 0 comments

Thank you KokoSmart for sponsoring a second year program for Farmer Taidi.

Farmer Taidi commenced with the Cocoa Care programs sponsored by KokoSmart at the end of January 2014. When we first met Taidi his farm was completely unproductive due to Cocoa trees produced by Somatic Embryogenesis that were planted more than 2 years ago and not producing any useable cocoa.

Taidi had already started to remove those trees that had fallen over (weak root system) and begun replacing his cocoa with corn. 

In early March 2013, thanks to KokoSmart's sponsorship Taidi received and planted 100 top grafted high quality seedling to help restore his cocoa farming business.

With a helping hand from Cocoa Carer Darwis over the past year, these new trees are growing nicely and should start to producing cocoa in the next 6 months.  

Cocoa Carer Darwis with Farmer Taidi

Thank you KokoSmart for your ongoing support of Taidi. 

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