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Meet The Recipients Of Your Support

Posted on February 06, 2015 by Cocoa Care

We are pleased to introduce you to Isa who will be receiving the tool pack you have sponsored. Isa is the wife of farmer Dalle and mother daughter Nengsi and son Suriadi. M. Rifal.

In addition to managing the family home, Isa is very active in their 1.5 ha cocoa farm particularly with farm sanitation, harvesting and bean drying. This pack will significantly help Isa to perform her role in a safer and more time effective manner allowing her to spend more time at home with her family.

Left: Isa and her husband Dalle.   Right: Bahari and his wife Anda

As a part of your sponsorship, we will also be planting 50 superior quality, top grafted seedlings along with 12 months supply of fertilizer mix to Farmer Bahari. 

An increasingly big problem for cocoa farmers in Sulawesi is old, non productive or dead cocoa trees. By helping cocoa farmers like Bahari to replace some of those trees they have lost will help them to increase their farm incomes and give their children a much brighter future.

Bahari already know how to properly manage his farm in a sustainable way as he both have received essential training in good agricultural practices as a part of another sponsorship program. 


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