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Sultan and Syamsuddin Go To Training

Posted on February 13, 2014 by Cocoa Care | 0 comments

On February 5, 2013 Sultan and Syamsuddin along with other Cocoa Care farmers travelled to Tarengge, South Sulawesi to attend a 2.5 day intensive training session with highly experienced trainers. 

Day 1 of training covers a variety of topics that give farmers the fundamental knowledge and skills in GAP (good agricultural practices). Topics included: Correct pruning techniques, farm sanitation, pest and disease management, fertilizing, pod and bean quality, pod opening, effects of cocoa pod borer on beans (black beans), harvesting and quality control.

In class training sessions are combined with practical classes on a demonstration farm which allows farmers to practice their learnings under the guidance of the trainer. After an exciting day in field your farmers returned to the classroom for more learning and a Q&A session.

Day 2 is designed to inspire farmers by showing them a farm that consistently achieves 2 - 3 metric tons per hectare. This provides motivation for them to implement their learnings back on their own farm. A visit to these farms provides an opportunity to learn from fellow farmers about how they achieve such high productivity, ask questions and learn from their experiences.   

Arriving at the training facility.  

L: Sultan and Syamsuddin in classroom training session. R: On the farm with the training group and trainer.

L: Pruning Training. R: Syamsuddin learning how to prune.

L: Learning about appropriate fertilizer rates. R: Sultan applies fertilizer.

Harvest Training. L: Syamsuddin, R: Sultan

L: Pest management training. R: Preparing to give presentations to the group on their learnings.

Happy farmers with lots of new information! Three days of training complete.


At the end of day 3, Sultan and Syamsuddin returned home with a wealth of information, grateful for this opportunity and very keen to get back and implement their learnings under the guidance from Cocoa Carers Darwis and Aris.

On farm training is the next activity for Sultan and Syamsuddin along with receiving their pruning tools. 



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Meet Your Farmers

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We are pleased to introduce you to Farmers Sultan and Syamsuddin who will be receiving the training packs you have sponsored.

Farmer Sultan and his wife Nani have one son 8 year old Edil and own 0.7 hectares of Cocoa in Cabenge, South Sulawesi. Sultan's farm produces around 400kg per year from his farm which suffers from cocoa pod borer and black pod. 

Farmer Syamsuddin and his wife Mella have 3 grown daughters Yuniarti (30), Wahyuningsih (29) and Risma (21). Their 0.75 hectare cocoa farm also suffers from cocoa pod borer and black pod producing around 300kg per year.  

L: Sultan and Nani. R: Syamsuddin and Mella


Training in good agricultural practices (GAP) is schedule for the coming week and an update will be provided upon their return. 

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Thank You For Your Sponsorship

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Thank you for sponsoring a training package for two cocoa farmers!

Your sponsorship will provide two farmers with formal in-class training at the Mars Cocoa Academy School along with on-farm training with a Cocoa Carer to help your farmers implement their learnings back in their own farms. 

Farmers traditionally lack the essential skills and knowledge in GAP (good agricultural practices) and your training will significantly help cocoa farmers to have healthy and successful cocoa farming businesses. 

Training will be commencing soon and photographs and updates will be posted online here so please check back soon. 





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