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Meet The Recipient of Your Trees

Posted on February 21, 2014 by Cocoa Care | 0 comments

We are pleased to introduce you to Farmer Sultan and his wife Nani who will be receiving 22 new high quality top grafted cocoa tree seedlings you have sponsored. 

Farmer Sultan and his wife Nani have one son 8 year old Edil and own 0.7 hectares of Cocoa in Cabenge, South Sulawesi. Sultan's farm produces around 400kg per year from his farm which suffers from cocoa pod borer and black pod. 

  L: Sultan and Nani. R: Syamsuddin and Mella

An increasingly big problem for cocoa farmers in Sulawesi is old, non productive or dead cocoa trees. By helping cocoa farmers like Sultan to replace some of those trees he has lost will help him and his family onto a path for brighter future. 

Sultan already knows how to properly manage his farm in a sustainable way as he has received essential training in good agricultural practices as a part of another sponsorship program. 

We look forward to updating you on the progress of your trees over the next 2 years and hope you check back here again soon. 

Up next - tree planting.


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