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New Trees Planted

Posted on March 01, 2014 by Cocoa Care | 0 comments

Ibrahim has received and planted 175 new superior quality top grafted cocoa tree seedlings with the help and guidance from Cocoa Care Aris. 

Over the years Ibrahim, like many of his fellow farmers, have lost trees mainly due to ageing trees, pests & diseases or simply the lack of knowledge about how to properly care for them. Replacing dead trees with high quality cocoa tree seedlings will significantly improve farm productivity and family income. Ibrahim, now armed with the right knowledge to care for all his trees, is certainly on the right path to manage a sustainable cocoa farm and better provide for his family. 

 Ibrahim with Cocoa Carer Aris planing the first of 175 cocoa trees.

 Cocoa Carer Aris teaching Ibrahim how to sufficiently fertilize the new cocoa tree seedlings.

 Providing the new seedlings with appropriate shade.

Ibrahim and Aris give the thumbs up to the new trees.

Ibrahim's new cocoa trees will begin to fruit in about 18 months and from 2016 onwards your trees should be producing up to 2kg of cocoa each year or enough to make about 2.3 kg of 70% dark chocolate, about three to four times the current average production of a “typical” cocoa tree in the world today.

We will continue to monitor the progress of your trees so please check back soon. 


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