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Ibrahim In Training

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On December 2, 2013 Ibrahim along with several other Cocoa Care farmers travelling to Tarengge, South Sulawesi to attend a 2.5 day intensive training session with highly experienced trainers. 

Day 1 of training covers a variety of topics that give farmers the fundamental knowledge and skills in GAP (good agricultural practices). Topics included: Correct pruning techniques, farm sanitation, pest and disease management, fertilizing, pod and bean quality, pod opening, effects of cocoa pod borer on beans (black beans), harvesting and quality control.

In class training sessions are combined with practical classes on a demonstration farm which allows farmers to practice their learnings under the guidance of a cocoa carer. After an exciting day in field Ibrahim returned to the classroom for more learning and a Q&A session.

Day 2 is designed to inspire farmers by showing them a farm that consistently achieves 2 - 3 metric tons per hectare. This provides motivation for them to implement their learnings back on their own farm. A visit to Hj Hasan and Kodeng's farms provided an opportunity to learn from fellow farmers about how they achieve such high productivity, ask questions and learn from their experiences.  


L: Cocoa Care Farmers arrive at the Cocoa Clinic for training (Ibrahim, second from right). R: In class Training. 

Ibrahim learns about pruning and fertilizing
L: Ibrahim learning how to correctly harvest cocoa pods. R: Ibrahim with fellow trainee farmer Sakti harvesting beans

L: Ibrahim tries a Snickers for the first time during a break. R: Back to harvesting training

 L: Ibrahim learns from highly experienced Farmer Hasan. R: Amazed by Farmer Kondeng's pods!

 A very happy team! Cocoa Care farmer training group with Trainer Andi Asri

At the end of day 3, Ibrahim and his fellow farmers returned home with a wealth of information, grateful for this opportunity and very keen to get back and implement his learnings.



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